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" There are many kinds of art. Music uses sound as its raw materials, just as painting uses colors. In creating works of art, sculpture is formed out of stone, wood, or metal, literature out of words. Ikebana is an art whose main materials are tree branches and flowering plants. People often argue whether Ikebana is a true art or not. I feel that art is anything that moves a person's spirit through the emotional impact of beauty."


About Us

Ishida Ikebana expands to North America

Iemoto Shusui Ishida and Vania Kasui in front of the Ishida Ikebana Hall - the headquarter of the corporate Ishida Ikebana Association, Nagoya, Japan

Vania Kasui is appointed as a President for Ishida

Ikebana Association - North America


In January 2007, Vania Kasui was honored the

advanced degree Kouto Shihan, which places her

among the most distinguished Ikebana artists.

It gives the right to administer tests and exams and issue diplomas on behalf of the Association.

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