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" There are many kinds of art. Music uses sound as its raw materials, just as painting uses colors. In creating works of art, sculpture is formed out of stone, wood, or metal, literature out of words. Ikebana is an art whose main materials are tree branches and flowering plants. People often argue whether Ikebana is a true art or not. I feel that art is anything that moves a person's spirit through the emotional impact of beauty."


Ikebana Art Institute


Currently we are offering a diverse range of

courses at the following levels:


HI001        The History of Ikebana

BI002        The Basics of Ikebana Art (Overview)

BG003       Ikebana Art for Beginners (Moribana)

IN004         Ikebana Art – Intermidiate (Nageire)

AD005        Ikebana Art – Advanced - Part I (Compott)

AD006        Ikebana Art – Advanced - Part II (Fuji-ike)

FI007          Four seasons Ikebana Art

IS008          Ikebana Art – Shihan - Professional

               Instructor's course



Exploration across all types of our courses encourages self-expression and spiritual development of the student – artist.

Students work on individual and group projects and are encouraged to inquire and discover the beauty of Nature and investigate expressions through different materials.

All courses in their essence are following the 100-year-old methodology of Ishida Ikebana Art, which have been adapted to the North American style of life and specifics of education.


Lessons are available in a variety of formats: Information sessions, Professional courses, Special presentations, Private lessons, Workshops, and Classes



For more information and sign up call 604-318-5435 or contact us.
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