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" There are many kinds of art. Music uses sound as its raw materials, just as painting uses colors. In creating works of art, sculpture is formed out of stone, wood, or metal, literature out of words. Ikebana is an art whose main materials are tree branches and flowering plants. People often argue whether Ikebana is a true art or not. I feel that art is anything that moves a person's spirit through the emotional impact of beauty."


Opening New Chapter



Ishida Ikebana expands to North America


Ishida Ikebana association of Nagoya, Japan started in 1923 developing the centuries-old traditions of the ancient Japanese art of Ikebana. Ishida Ikebana Association has expanded to many countries around the world and is coming now to Canada as a frontier to its expansion to North America.

Only now you have the unique opportunity to become a founding member of a chapter, and be one of the first to join and participate in the Canadian expansion.


For information how to open up an Ikebana club in your area, become a Leader of an Ikebana Art Club or become a Founding Member

call 604-318-5435 or contact us.


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